Welcome to the ECA Network’s Website

Dear ECA Partners and all others,

This is the website where we will be sharing information concerning the Exploration and Collaboration in the Arts / The ECA Network’s activities.

Please take a moment to view the short documentary “Motion, Emotion – Seven Days in Copenhagen”.  This film is dedicated to the memory of Johannes Johansson (1951 – 2012), Principal of the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, Sweden.


Another longer film, titled “A Sound of a Movement”, documents our very engaging Intensive Course “Choreographer/Dancer and Composer/Musician, a Collaborative Platform” August 20 – September 1, 2014, held at the Art Printing House, Vilnius, Lithuania. This workshop was produced by our wonderful partner, the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre   Vilnius, Lithuania.  The film can be found at this link:


Other videos and pictures can be viewed on the “Physical Cinema” page.

There is a specific “ECA NETWORK PARTNER’S PAGE”, password accessible for our activities and other network related only information.

For 2018 – 2019 we will focus on Teacher, Student, and Express Student Mobility actions.

We have a major focus towards environmental issues and ways the arts can have a positive impact on communicating global warming and other concerns affecting our planet.

“Science and climate change is fiendishly complex, and what the artist can do is to take these global abstract notions and somehow craft them into a narrative, a story, on a human scale” – David Buckland, Director Cape Farewell  http://www.capefarewell.com/

2018 marks the twentieth year the ECA Network / Turku University of Applied Sciences coordinator’s innovative inter-disciplinary projects have been successfully supported by the NORDPLUS for Higher Education funding.

We are able to accomplish by working together, what we cannot do as individual institutions.

I look forward to working for and with you all to develop innovative NORDPLUS Intensive Courses, workshops, and hope many of you have the opportunity to participate in these activities as well as the mobility/travel and exchange possibilities for both students and teachers.

Best regards

David Yoken
Coordinator, ECA Network

Spring 2018


The ECA Network is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Baltic Countries through
the Nordplus Higher Education Programme.

Photo: Janne Leimola. The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark
March 2012